Friday, 19 August 2011

A Week In Books (4)

More books! I have been making good use of the local library and got them to order in lots of books from other local libraries, so I had a good stack to work through.

More P.G. Wodehouse once again! This one is a collection of short stories, with lots of familiar characters. I raced through it in a day, very enjoyable as usual.

Bill Bryson's African Diary is pretty short, he did it for charity as a diary of a trip he was sent on. It was interesting and of course in his usual delightful writing style, but was very brief.

I have been thinking of reading Seeing Further for ages, and finally got round to it as the library could get it for me. It is pretty epic as you can see! It is a series of essays written by scientists and science writers, centering around the venerable Royal Society, covering a broad range of topics from the history of the Society to various historic and current science topics such as Darwinian evolution, quantum physics (brain hurt!) and global climate change. As all the essays are by different authors it is a bit variable-some sections are definitely more readable and enjoyable than others, but overall I definitely enjoyed it, and feel I came away with my brain slightly more full!

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