Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Shoes

I love it when shopping feels virtuous! I acquired my first pair of Simple shoes about two years ago, and as you can see, they are pretty much dead :
 They have been super comfy over their lifetime though, and I really like the ethical stance of the Simple company, so I though I should get a new pair. A browse on the website revealed a sale, so I might of accidentally come away with two pairs (oops !).

Pair number one, made of organic cotton and hemp, with eco-certified suede, and a biodegradable sole. It does take twenty years though, so hopefully I will have worn them out before then!

 Pair number two are pretty much the same, except that the uppers are eco-certified leather. Simple do make some lovely vegan shoes too.

I can't complain that I don't have any shoes to wear now!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A week In Books (5)

It has really quietened down at work now as it seems that most of the tourists have headed back home, so I have been getting lots of reading in . This week's picks:
Another good Bill Bryson book, I think I have pretty much completed the back catalogue now! This one is a collection of the columns he wrote for a British newspaper after he relocated to the USA, when his kids were young. Nice easy read and thoroughly enjoyable as usual.

The big Rough Guide is a book of dreams really, 1000 amazing travel experiences, it certainly makes me want to get up off my backside and get out there. I really haven't travelled much and would definitely like to see some of the big wide world that is out there, unfortunately, the funds never seem to be there! I have a 5 year plan though, culminating (hopefully ! ) in an epic adventure. Something to dream of anyway . . .

As a biologist, I really should of got round to reading 'The Selfish Gene" earlier, and I really should have done as my lecturers told me, it would definitely have made some of my modules more comprehensible! Never mind, I can tick it off the list now, and it was fascinating, although I have a reasonably good background knowledge of evolutionary theory, the perspective in this book is very insightful, and it has made me an even more dedicated Darwinian evolutionist (he is my God for sure ! ) . A very good read, and will surely bring clarity to any one who is not quite clear on the finer points of how evolution works.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Run For The Hills

Sometimes, I wonder what the 9-5 and 'normal' life is all about, sometimes, I wonder if it is possible to ditch it all and escape to somewhere different . . .

Just wondering : )