About Me

Welcome! I’m Julia, Captain of this ship. You’ll find me currently residing in deepest darkest Dorset in little old England.

Honestly, I’m a full on biology geek; I’m a Biology graduate with a PhD in plant molecular genetics. I love all things plants, I’ve just completed a Royal Horticultural Society level 2 Horticulture course, because I wanted to learn how to grow the things after spending many years dissecting them. I’ve been putting it all into practice on my new allotment plot this year.

I’m not just about the green things though; I also love art, architecture, fashion, photography, knitting, sewing, reading terrible books, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking… Generally taking in the world around me and trying to live this one life fully. I share my adventures and experiences here, both as a journal, and perhaps to inspire you too.