Sunday, 30 October 2011

Capability Brown Woz 'Ere...

For the first Sunday in a little while I have found my self at a bit of a loose end in Bath, and in need to some fresh air, so I thought I would explore the National Trust managed Prior Park Gardens just down the road from my house. It was a good move - the gardens are lovely, with some very good views down the valley to the city, full of autumnal colour, and as all the National Trust literature is at pains to point out; one of the only Palladian bridges in the world (there are three others apparently). You have to admire the Georgians for building such an extravagant yet essentially useless structure, but if gives us something to look at and photograph on a lazy Sunday, so I have endeavoured to take many pictures to bore you all!

There was some pretty old graffiti on the bridge! The whole thing was absolutely crowded by ladybirds as well, the stone must of warmed in the sun during the day. While I was there a guy proposed to his girlfriend on the bridge - I wonder how many proposals have been made on said bridge?

Happy Sunday everyone : )

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Walk In The Woods And On Heath

I was feeling fairly sickly this weekend with the nasty cold that seems to be circulating around my campus, but last weekend was a good one. I finally invested in some sensible walking shoes so I can go hiking (My version is probably more a rambling pace) with Darren, and we went for a test drive on the Sunday, just close to home in Dorset. We went through woods, then onto the heath near Lulworth then around the bottom of Lulworth Castle estate, we even got to watch some cross-country jumping for free - there was some sort of event on at the castle, and a couple of the jumps were right by the lake where we stopped for a cup of tea, so all in all, a proper English country afternoon! Here are some photos : 

As usual, some (or most!) of the photo credit should probably go to my lovely boyfriend :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Call That Curry O'Clock

I have never been much good at curries, I don't have the patience for anything that takes ages, and I have a bad habit of tinkering with recipes that have massive long lists of ingredients; substituting for whatever I have in the cupboards, which is an approach that does not produce tasty curry! However, I really did fancy a curry tonight, so I thought I would give this recipe from my new favourite cookbook 'From Season to Season' by Sophie Dahl a go. It was pretty simple, as I am lazy I used ready mixed garam masala, and there was no pumpkin in sainsburys so I used butternut squash, oh, and all the mangetout was better travelled than me, so I used broccoli (see what I mean about the tinkering?! ). I also didn't bother with the rice this time, although it does sound lovely.

Success! It was pretty damn tasty (if I do say so myself ), will definitely make it again, maybe with proper rice too.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Study In Greys And Haiku

Wind chasing steel clouds
Crisp ice autumn air beckons
Weekend is freedom

Nearly weekend o'clock : )

Pictures taken (mainly by my boyfriend) on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, in north Devon.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I'm back! Apologies for the extended absence, I have had a hectic couple of weeks finishing my last job, having a short holiday (pictures bound to follow), attending a wedding and most importantly, moving back to Bath and making a start on my PhD! I have certainly missed Bath, and missed being a student and actually using my brain at work , so it is great to be back . One of the best things about Bath is the amazing saturday farmers market. There is such a good selection of produce on offer, which is very dangerous for a glutton like me! Here are some pretty colours :

Yes I did have a piece of pie for breakfast : )