Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Walk In The Woods And On Heath

I was feeling fairly sickly this weekend with the nasty cold that seems to be circulating around my campus, but last weekend was a good one. I finally invested in some sensible walking shoes so I can go hiking (My version is probably more a rambling pace) with Darren, and we went for a test drive on the Sunday, just close to home in Dorset. We went through woods, then onto the heath near Lulworth then around the bottom of Lulworth Castle estate, we even got to watch some cross-country jumping for free - there was some sort of event on at the castle, and a couple of the jumps were right by the lake where we stopped for a cup of tea, so all in all, a proper English country afternoon! Here are some photos : 

As usual, some (or most!) of the photo credit should probably go to my lovely boyfriend :)

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