Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Call That Curry O'Clock

I have never been much good at curries, I don't have the patience for anything that takes ages, and I have a bad habit of tinkering with recipes that have massive long lists of ingredients; substituting for whatever I have in the cupboards, which is an approach that does not produce tasty curry! However, I really did fancy a curry tonight, so I thought I would give this recipe from my new favourite cookbook 'From Season to Season' by Sophie Dahl a go. It was pretty simple, as I am lazy I used ready mixed garam masala, and there was no pumpkin in sainsburys so I used butternut squash, oh, and all the mangetout was better travelled than me, so I used broccoli (see what I mean about the tinkering?! ). I also didn't bother with the rice this time, although it does sound lovely.

Success! It was pretty damn tasty (if I do say so myself ), will definitely make it again, maybe with proper rice too.

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