Sunday, 14 August 2011

How To Build A Bike Bag

A couple of months ago I acquired a fairly knackered Raleigh Twenty (20 inch wheels), which I will show you pictures of soon, found in a shed on my Gran's farm, and I have been bringing it back to life. It is a great shopper style bike and I feel the need to fit it up with appropriate accessories. I've got a wooden cheese crate to go on the back rack and I fancied experimenting and making a large bag to go on the handlebars. This is the material I picked! There are lots of amazing fabric shops in Cardiff near where I was living, so I got this lovely Cath Kidson-esque oilcloth for less than half the price of the genuine article.

This is the plan of action; I am going for a simple box bag shape with a lid. Hopefully when I have taped the seams it will be fairly waterproof, and I am going to fully line it and add some pockets on the inside too. the D-rings on the sides will allow a strap to be attached so that it can be taken off the bike and used as a shoulder bag.

I'll keep you posted on the progress!

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