Thursday, 11 August 2011

A week In Books (3)

I have at last been a little busier at work as the tourists have descended, so this stack more accurately represents a fortnight of books, but I'll stick with the title - I like it!
More P.G. Wodehouse! It is good escapism and works to alleviate the monotony that is my current job, although I might need to have more variety to my reading as although his books are thoroughly enjoyable, the stories do seem to be a little repetitive in their predictability! I will continue to work my way through the back-catalogue though.

The Wavewatcher's Companion was a brilliant read, written by the same author as the cloudspotter's guide, which I am yet to read, but which I assume follows similar form. As the title suggests, the book explores the ins and outs of waves, although not just waves of the sea but all kinds of waves; sound, electromagnetic, brain etc. I found it very interesting and also entertaining, Pretor-Pinney as a great sense of humour, and there are lots of diverting illustrations which simply explain the more difficult concepts. It did rather make me yearn for some wave-riding though, especially when he was visiting Hawaii, as I am yet to surf in anything other than our cold home seas.
Yes, that is me looking fabulous in a wetsuit!

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