Thursday, 10 January 2013

Falling, With Style

(Name that film!) Well, getting out of the UK for Christmas is definitely the way to go! I think the perfume adverts were pushing me pretty close to the edge. The whole thing would be infinitely easier to cope with if it only went on for December, but dragging it out from September is just too much, I'd rather it just went away, I could live without it all. Any way, My brothers and I headed to the French alps to see Mum and Sis, it was excellent, just family and good food and beautiful beautiful snowy mountains. Here are a few slope-side snaps, I managed to avoid getting a seriously bruised bum this year! I do need to stop being such a wimp though...

As you can see there were approximately a gazillion other people with the same idea, think i'll try for somewhere a bit quieter to escape next year, perhaps Alaska?!

That's about all the evidence there is of me snowboarding!

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