Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012!

Well it is that time again, we have survived another year and it is time to turn over the calendar. Here is a summary of my year in photos, although possibly not an accurate representation, as it seems to be very sunny in pretty much all of them!

I kicked off the year in the Alps in France, absolutely gorgeous, I love the snow.

Next up, a bit of Welsh snow, and good times with great friends, Ritz are a necessary accessory.

March, spring had sprung, a blizzard of blossoms in Kew Gardens

April, a frequent walk and the sky possibly a prediction of what was to come weather-wise!

May, my home town showing its more attractive qualities, it can be quite appealing if you only see it in the sunshine.

June, some success growing green things!

July, an oft-seen view on the line from Dorchester to Bath

August, a monumental mountainous view, at possibly the most awesome camping spot ever.

September, an excellent day away from the office

October, Oh, how I love the sea

November. Hello London, I miss you!

December. A frosty end, i'll choose to ignore all the torrential downpours that came after.

Happy new year everyone, here's to an excellent 2013!

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