Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things

Lately I have been on a bit of a decluttering spree, probably brought on by having to make several car trips to move into my new house, too much effort! I would love to have less STUFF clogging up my life. I am making some progress, and the best thing about remove the crap is being left with only the things that I really love, or need. Here are a few of my 'essentials'.

1. Lovely Teapigs tea. This was a christmas present, and is absolutely the best tea ever, I'll be exploring some more of their range very soon I think!
2. Somewhere for that tea to go: my delightful Whittard's teapot and cup set, an excellent gift from my boyfriend a few years ago. I don't think they have this exact style any more, but they do have lots of sets of tea-for-one like this.
3. Books! I love books. If it came to it I could probably live with just two suitcases of stuff, one for books, one for everything else. Top recent reads include: "In defence of dogs" By John Bradshaw, which has completely changed my perspective on man's best friend, and "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams, number 5 in the hitchhikers guide 'trilogy', and a fabulously surreal end to the bonkers series. The stack on the bottom right contains books that I am reading currently or need to read.
4. My beautiful christmas present from my best friend, handmade by her. Commission something amazing at Eliza Jayne Ceramics, or take a look at her Etsy shop.
5. Not necessarily something I love, but a symbol of it perhaps, here are 4 years' worth of train tickets, I give the rail companies far too much of my money...

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