Friday, 15 July 2011

A Week In Books

It is safe to say that work is pretty dead at the moment, but luckily I have a boss who doesn't mind me reading (and knitting) whilst I am 'working'. This is my book selection for the week..
I know I really need to challenge myself more with reading but I cannot help reaching for the terrible chic-lit! I AM trying to limit myself, and I do read quite a lot of non-fiction though, as you can see from this week: Two out of three are non-fiction choices.

I have already ploughed through 'Why does E=mc2?', really good, but seriously made my brain hurt; 'the Earth is falling in a straight line around the sun...'( ! ) and I have definitely forgotten the majority of what I learnt in A level Maths. Physics does fascinate me though, and I will be seeking out more books of this type in the future.

I have to confess a real love for Bill Bryson books, I have read most of his about travel, as well as a few others too, and I really enjoy his style. He is insightful and there are proper laugh-out-loud moments. I am about half way through 'Made In America' and it is another brilliant book, in which he discusses the evolution of American english away from British english (?), I am learning lots, and of course, as with all his writing, the book is full of fascinating and entertaining anecdotes. My only complaint about his books is that I tend to race through them as I can never put them down!

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