Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Week In Books (2)

Another couple of books dealt with!

I have had ' Starter For Ten ' on my Amazon wish list for ages, since reading ' One Day ' by the same author and really enjoying it (despite the ending ! ) I spotted this in a charity shop in town, bargain. I  really enjoyed this too, although it is one of those cringy stories that makes you want to get hold of the characters and give them a good shake! I think I will be seeking out more David Nicholls, it is light hearted and enjoyable without being grossly chic-lit.

I love PG Wodehouse! I have to confess I watched and loved the Jeeves and Wooster television series with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry before reading any of the books, but have since read three or four, although none of the Jeeves and Wooster ones, and I really enjoyed his writing. Again, it is light hearted and funny without seeming really trashy. I am also quite enchanted by the insight into 1910s aristocracy, oh, how the other half lived! Some of the language is fabulous, and the character types that Wodehouse seems to call on repeatedly are brilliant. I particularly love the foppish bachelor, much like Wooster, that seem to appear in many of the books. I am really pleased he had such a prolific writing career, still about another 90 or so books for me to read : )

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