Monday, 2 September 2013

Things I Ate and Liked...

Not all in one go mind! Just the highlights from a couple of weeks of food. Cooking for only myself does tend to result in ingredients getting repeated, I still haven't got through that entire packet of wraps, why do they come in eights?!

Anywho, wrap variation number 1, meat making a rare appearance in the form of very nice steak, mixed in with some kidney beans and caramelised onion, creme fraiche and salad keeping company. Yes I did use a spoon to keep it together, classy stuff.

Another wrap variation, no meat required this time, just a spicy red kidney bean and veg mix, some emmental, more creme fraiche and salad, and two wraps, must have been friday or something.

There might have been a cheeky cocktail keeping those company too, grapefruit vodka, orange juice and a hunk of lime, does that count as a cocktail? Served in a proper wine glass, more classiness right there...

Final, slightly left-field wrap-based meal. The topping is a recipe from Everyday Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, an aubergine curry, obviously with my usual tinkering of lots of extra veg. And I toasted the wrap in a frying pan so I could pretend it was a chapatti, kind of authentic. maybe. Then I added a vast quantity of creme fraiche...

Saturday! That means afternoon treats whilst out adventuring :)

The final, triumphant delight is this pasta creation, absolutely classic representation of my cooking, i.e. throw it all together and see what it tastes like. tricolore pasta, this pesto recipe (but with cashews not pine nuts), runner beans from the garden, red pepper, olives, goats cheese and the last of that persistent creme fraiche. Pretty tasty, although it isn't going to win any beauty prizes. I put a sprig of basil on for you though!

What do YOU eat and like?

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