Saturday, 7 September 2013

Castle in the Sky

I think that it is inevitable that when you live somewhere you manage to overlook the interesting things that are right on your doorstep. I guess when you pass something everyday you sort of forget how exciting a massive ruined castle sitting atop a hill is. Despite having lived in this part of Dorset for most of my life, I think I have only been to visit Corfe Castle once or twice, and not for quite some time (the actual castle that is, I have driven through the village countless times!). Well we decided to rectify that a couple of weekends ago, and actually paid a visit.

It is of course pretty spectacular, especially when you think about just how long it has been there (around 900 years), and that it was actually ruined in 1645, as a result of the English civil war, after a lengthly siege in which the Lady of the castle successfully defended the castle against a substantial army. More interesting stuff here. Always good to learn something about your local area!

Good view from up top too!

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