Friday, 20 September 2013

Let's Do The Timewarp

Strange things are afoot in Bath, it seems like there are a whole bunch of people casually wandering around in full Georgian style! It might just have something to do with Jane Austen-fest, either that or everyone has gone slightly bonkers... If you have ever been to Bath you may notice a slight obsession with that particular author. The city certainly does feature in several of her books, and many of the landmarks she mentions still exist, such as the Assembly rooms and the Pump room. The architecture certainly fits in with it all. If you ignore the buses getting impatient at being held up by a parade of Georgian finery, it is certainly easy to picture how things may have looked two hundred years ago. What Fun!


  1. OMG, That looks so fun! I love historical reenactment events. I wish there were more in my area.

  2. It does look fun, quite tempted to join in next year!


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