Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Julia's 15 Minute Meals

Actually it probably takes less than 10 mins, and that is a win in my very lazy book. This is some sort of egg-fried noodle concoction, and it tastes pretty damn fine, even if I do say so myself!

Noodles - Any will do but I used dried Nikko egg ones from the oriental shop near me, they take 3.5 mins to cook
Veg of choice - today I had 1 carrot and half a courgette, cut into thin strips using a peeler
Soy sauce
Roasted sesame oil
Fresh ginger
Garlic (I have the lazy stuff in a jar)
Coriander to garnish (oooh fancy), I also added in some radishes because I had some to use up and why the hell not? :)

1. Bring some water to a boil for noodles
2. Meanwhile, prep veg, and pre-heat frying pan/wok with a bit of sesame oil
3. Add noodles to the water
4. Fry up the veg in the sesame oil for a couple of mins, then add a generous slosh of soy sauce
5. Into the veg grate a bit of fresh ginger and add a bit of garlic, however much you like, and stir, cook for another couple of mins
6. Drain noodles once they are cooked, add to veg
7. Stir together well, then crack in the egg
8. Allow the egg to cook for a few seconds then break it up and mix it in with the noodles and veg
9. Mix in fresh radishes and lots coriander
10. Done! Although I would highly recommend adding a drizzle of this stuff, it is immense:

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