Sunday, 7 July 2013

All the Animals

I took a trip to Bristol zoo a few days ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it! They don't have many big animals as it is quite small, but the collection is great and all the enclosures seem to be well thought-out and of a good size. They have plenty of reptiles too, which fascinate me. The aquarium is also very good, they have some really interesting species. Of course there are plenty of charismatic apes and other monkeys, and the sealions are also brilliant to watch, they have tunnels going under the pools so you can see them swimming around. A bonus Gromit was spotted too :)

Blue spiny lizard juveniles 

This guy kept eyeballing me!

Standings Day Gecko

The sealions really seemed to like swimming upside down!

Gromit as a mandrill :)

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