Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Moronic Cushions

Hope everyone had a good new year! I just wanted to tell you about a Christmas present project that rescued my ego, after I had a moment of idiocy when making the wedding quilt! I managed to cut the strips for the star at the wrong angle, so the every single one was the wrong size and shape! Luckily I just had enough fabric to redo the quilt, but it left me with a big pile of misshapen strips. I didn't want to waste the lovely expensive quilting cotton, so I sewed the strips together and hey presto, made some cushion covers!

I added some extra fabric to the edges of the diamond strips, then quilted as normal. I then used the quilted square for the front of the cushions, with a simple overlapped back out of some striped stash fabric. I think they came out pretty well, out of disaster can come success :)

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  1. They look amazing, so colourful and great ethic of recycling. Love them!


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