Friday, 31 August 2012

In Sight of Mont Blanc

The town and whole valley where I was staying in France was pretty busy with tourists as it was the school holidays and of course so lovely there, but we managed to make our escape up to a mountain pass in sight of the awesome Mont Blanc for a bit of camping. You can wild-camp practically anywhere in the Alps apparently which is pretty cool, will definitely be heading there again for a few days, as we just did one night this time. We arrived in the evening and picked the ideal spot with a brilliant view overlooking a lake, then barbequed and had a great evening of stargazing and satellite spotting. Then we attempted to sleep with the noise of cow-bells ringing on the mountain slopes...

We were up at dawn for sunrise over Mont Blanc, we headed up to a ridge to get a better view and watched the mountain flanks turn pinks and oranges as the sun came up. It was ridiculously warm for 6.30am, so we sat in the morning sunlight and ate pain au chocolat, bliss.

Our tents in the bottom left!

Taking a puppy was fun, here he is munching on the bonfire wood, monster!

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