Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Jungle in a Boat

I took so many photos whilst I worked at Kew Gardens, but that doesn't stop me taking many more when I go and visit! I think my favourite place is probably the palm house, well, when it is not filled with swarms of tourists that is. I love the building; it was designed by a ship-builder, which goes some way to explaining the iconic shape. Its slightly rusting, peeling, ageing appearance is also completely charming, the juxtaposition between climbing plant growth and intricate white-painted metalwork makes me think of that bit in Jumanji when the jungle takes over. Plants and exciting architecture - I'm happy!


I'm not entirely sure what this fellow was doing there, something for giant spiders to feed on perhaps?

Giant bamboo! This stuff grows ridiculously fast and stretches all the way to the roof

I hope the sunshine sticks around!

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