Monday, 30 April 2012

Bring Me Bookshelves

I have been reading a fair bit lately, spending 4 hours on trains most weekends certainly helps, plus the absolute lack of anything interesting to watch on TV means I inevitably spend evenings curled up with a book (I know-life and soul of the party!), here are a few of the books I have got through in the last few months:
A slightly eclectic selection! I enjoy non-fiction as much as fiction, if not more, as I don't really like anything that ends in death and destruction, so that rules out a lot of what seems to be popular fiction such as crime stuff which is just not my cup of tea. I'd be hard pushed to pick a favourite from this selection, but  I think maybe 'Dry store room no.1' by Richard Fortey. I actually had to read this a couple of years ago as part of my undergraduate degree, but it is a brilliant read. I have been back to it a few times and Fortey is a great author, the topic is really interesting to me as well, as it is a behind the scenes look at the Natural History museum in London, which was one of my favourite places to visit when I lived there. Plus I love a good bit of science!

On that note, I need a bookshelf (or library preferably)


  1. lisa stockley1 May 2012 at 21:09

    NEED SHELVES TOO. my room looks like black books!

  2. greencoffeepot1 May 2012 at 21:35

    Love that show :) I'm concerned for the structural safety of my desk-it is gradually getting buried!


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