Monday, 27 February 2012

Look With Your Eyes

So, I'm not really what you might describe as fashionable, or indeed stylish, which has a lot to do with never fitting into half of the content of my wardrobe, or having any money, and also a certain amount of angst about buying poor quality clothes made by people who get paid next-to-nothing for making them, in terrible conditions. I do however enjoy following fashion week coverage. To me, it is artistic, expressive, creative, and a lot of great journalism and photography is associated with the fashion world-half my favourite blogs are fashion-related, although half are about completely unrelated topics. The Mary Katrantzou show was particularly impressive.

Unfortunately not my own images, but from

The show was full of spectacular shapes and intricate prints that contain some interesting things, what did you spot? Inspiring stuff, which has lead me to create some rather dubious prints of my own :)

Night all xx

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