Wednesday, 26 March 2014

International Woman of Mystery

I lead something of a double life. On weekdays, geeky scientist at the lab bench, and being a good girl eating healthily and exercising. Weekends are generally a completely different situation, country living, baking cakes, wandering wistfully in the can be quite a contrast. There are good things in both lives; I love beautiful Bath, I know the city so well and it really feels like home, but my actual house doesn't really feel like a home, and I miss the countryside and a certain gentleman that resides there. I have lived such a double life for quite a few years now, so the concept of a single living seems quite alien to me, although perhaps I will grow up eventually.

Musings of a sleepy mind, but the point, if there is one, is that inevitably many of my favourite pictures come from the idyllic country life. Here are some recent snapshots, most of which can be found on the dreaded instagram, helping me pretend that my life is some sort of picturesque perfection, although there is the occasional muddy bike pic if you fancy some entertainment!

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