Thursday, 8 August 2013

Always Look Up

Having spent the last few years driving straight past Longleat on my way between home and uni, it was a bit tragic that I had never actually paid a visit. That was finally rectified last week, when I had a brilliant day out with my Aunt (skiving off work, me?!). It was pretty busy as of course we are in the thick of the school holidays, but the park is well designed to space people out. The beautiful house was also a good place to escape from the hoards-only a few ambitious parents were dragging their offspring around. The house is stunning, and there are many rooms open to the public. The collections of furniture and art are particularly impressive, and of course the ceilings! I love the effort that went in to ceilings in stately homes, surely having a decadent ceiling is the epitome of opulence.

Can I have a library like this please?! There seemed to be a particular oriental influence to a lot of the furniture choices. There were many beautiful cabinets with ornate paintwork and inlays, and one of the bedrooms had what looked to be hand painted oriental floral wallpaper.

The ceilings!

Animals to follow :)

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