Thursday, 20 September 2012

Surf Wednesday

So yesterday everyone in my office skived of work for a day at the beach, which in my utopian view of the world would of course be compulsory, who wants to work five whole days a week?! This gorgeous stretch of sand is in south Wales at the edge of the Gower. We headed up to the village of Rhossli at the south end, I have also been to Llangennith in the past, which has a path through the dunes to the centre of the beach. There was a tiny little bit of surf so we had a splash around in the sea, and we also took in the stunning views from the cliff top complete with welsh ponies and foals, and this being Wales, sheep of course.

The trouble with days like this is it makes me have no desire whatsoever to get a real job when I finish my PhD, I just want to go and bum around on a beautiful beach every day and learn to surf properly...

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